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E-Liquid Blog


Electronic Cigarettes and Concentrates



Electronic cigarettes have swept the market for smoking alternatives in the last decade with the realities of how terrible cigarettes are for your health. You can purchase electronic cigarettes in almost any convenience store, gas station or online ranging in price from ten dollars to hundreds of dollars.  The function of an electronic cigarette, also known as an ecig, is to vaporize a flavored liquid, known as eliquid or ejuice, in which the user inhales as one would a traditional cigarette. Often times the flavors are combined with a liquid concentrate of nicotine.


Although smoking from an electronic cigarette, also referred to as vaping or vaporizing, is more than likely not as harmful as smoking traditional cigarettes, those containing nicotine still leave the user at risk of nicotine addiction. The liquids available come in a variety of flavors and mixtures of ingredients making for a wide range of tastes. It is to be noted that the market for ecigs is a very new market and the long term use of electronic cigarettes and the white lightning e juice concentrates has not been studied, therefore it is undeterminable whether or not they are actually better for consumers than traditional cigarettes.


The three different types of vaporizers or ecigarettes are: cigalikes, which resemble traditional cigarettes; eGos, these tend to be larger than cigalikes and contain refillable liquid tanks; and mods, created  by altering existing products or are assembled from basic parts. The primary components of an ecigarette are a battery, a mouthpiece, a heating element or atomizer, a microprocessor, a cartridge and sometimes a LED light fixed to the end. The only exception to this are mods which do not necessarily need electronics to function. When functioning, the atomizer heats a coil, typically a small guage wire, that then vaporizes the consumer's choice of best priced e liquid which is then inhaled. 


Many people choose to try vaping as an alternative means to smoking tobacco cigarettes because they believe they are healthier for you or some admit to using them to get around smoke free ordinances and laws in growing cities and inside buildings or their homes. Others choose to give electronic cigarettes a try because they are odorless and less expensive in comparison to regular tobacco cigarettes. Whatever the reason may be, ecig users have more than doubled in the past few years and continue to grow today, while the tobacco industry has seen a steady decline in new consumers in the past decade. To learn more about vape juices, you can visit